American Star Garage Doors recommends considering your home’s architecture and surroundings, as well as the Redondo Beach climate when choosing a garage door.

Aluminum garage doors are ideal for humid environments and offer a more modern and contemporary look.

Steel garage doors offer the widest range of color and insulation options and are available in various price ranges to suit any budget.

Wood garage doors made of cedar, or redwood will add a unique and distinguished look to any residence but require consistent maintenance. Composite wood doors are more moisture resistant and will not crack or rot as easily.

A garage door opener is a separate purchase and not automatically included with your new door. American Star Garage Doors offers a wide selection of opener and other accessories in price ranges to suit any budget.

Periodic inspections are necessary to ensure proper functioning and safety. American Star Garage Doors recommends an annual inspection of your garage door opener system performed by professionals. In between maintenance checks of your system, routinely ensure that the rolling track and moving door area is clear of debris or other items such as shovels or lawn equipment.

American Star Garage Doors offers garage doors with additional bracing and reinforced hardware for additional protection under extreme climate conditions. Ask our representatives for more information about special ‘storm doors’ available to Redondo Beach clients.